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Are you planning to relocate as a student? And is this the first time that you are moving as a student? Then there are many different things that you will want to take into account. This is only part of the move. Fortunately, Removal Company 365 can lend you a hand. In addition to moving, we also help you as a student to arrange all kinds of other things. Based on a checklist that we will send you, it is indicated exactly step by step what needs to be taken into account regarding a student relocation.

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Move easily as a student

In practice, a student relocation involves many obligations. Moving as a student is extra annoying because of course you also have to take your studies into account. Moreover, students are still relatively young, which means that there is little chance that they already have experience with moving. Are you also planning a student relocation, but not sure where to start? Do you enjoy being able to check off tasks by means of a checklist? Then you’ve come to the right place! We will help you as a student from A to Z with your relocation and related matters.

The run-up to the student relocation

Initially, it goes without saying that you will have to do various things in the run-up to your student relocation. This is a very important period. If the preparations already go wrong, there is a good chance that the rest of your student relocation will also be affected. Do you really want to be sure of a good preparation? Request a free quote now on our website.

Once we have received your application, we will check the data. Have you indicated that it is a student relocation? Then we will send a standard step-by-step plan how you can best organize your move. In addition to the move itself, there are a lot of other issues that may come to light before / during or after the move. Never wait too long to request a quote. Even if you do not have a fixed date for your move or are not yet sure that you are going to move, request a free quote for the time being.

  1. Pack all the things you want to move with you carefully;
  2. Make sure that you clearly indicate what exactly is inside on the moving boxes.
  3. Clean your old home or other place of residence for the new tenants;
  4. Empty the refrigerator and freezer and let them thaw (if applicable);
  5. Check whether your new student room has all the required facilities;
  6. Perform any remaining required chores at your old residential address;
  7. Pass on your change of address to the municipality as well as to friends and family;
  8. Arrange food and drink for the people who will help you during the move;
    Call all friends to check if they will actually help;
Student relocation service checklist
Student packing moving items

The day of the move

Many students who are going to move are nervous about the day of the move. This is absolutely not necessary. Removal company 365 does more than just a move. This is how we like to think along with your situation. We are also primarily solution-oriented. If calamities occur, we can come to a solution together. If you have made a good preparation with or without the help of the checklist, you will notice that the move goes smoothly.

It goes without saying that there are still a number of things to take into account, namely:

  1. Tell everyone what needs to be done at the start of the moving day;
  2. Clean the room one last time when all items have been loaded;
  3. Arrange things such as coffee and tea and possibly biscuits and / or sandwiches;
  4. Handle the handover of the key with your landlord.
  5. Return any items that have been rented;
  6. At the end of the moving day, thank everyone who helped;

Points for attention after the student move

Now that the student relocation is over, it is always interesting to look back. Moreover, it goes without saying that you may still have to unpack things for some time and give it a place in your new home. In addition, there is a good chance that you will also want to (extra) check some practical matters. In this area you can think of the following points for attention:

  1. Check whether the mail from your old address has been forwarded correctly;
  2. Register in the new municipality to which you have moved;
  3. Check whether your previous landlord has refunded the deposit paid;
  4. Take a thorough look through your new home and report any defects;
  5. Try to relocate everything as soon as possible;

In addition to the above, you always do well to thoroughly evaluate the move afterwards. For example, which of your friends or family members helped and what costs have you all been confronted with? When you move as a student, there is a good chance that you will do this again later in life. The experience you have gained during your student relocation will then only come in handy.

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