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What is a moving lift?

A moving lift, also called a stair lift or furniture lift, is a lift used to lift or lower large, heavy or large numbers of items. Rather than endlessly having to walk up and down the stairs with unmanageable items, movers will save valuable moving time if they can use a moving lift. All items up to 400 KG are brought down or up without difficulty up to the 12th floor (34 meters).

When to switch on a moving lift?

Removal company 365 will of course advise you whether a removal lift adds value to your move. It is possible that a move can only be carried out with the help of a moving lift. This is the case, for example, when a piece of furniture does not fit through your doorway, but can be moved through the window or balcony. Do you live in an apartment on the 10th floor and the elevator is not very big? Then it can save a lot of time to use a moving lift. Imagine if your piano had to be lifted up the stairs by the movers. Then it is of course logical that a moving lift produces the same result much faster. Moving company 365 will therefore always use a lift when it comes to heavy items such as a piano. The conclusion is that moving heavy furniture is easier and safer when you use a lift. So this is obviously worth considering.

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Advantages of moving lift

We have listed a number of advantages of a moving lift for you:

  • It will save you time. A lift gets a heavy object up or down faster than a mover.
  • Less trouble. A lift prevents difficult situations with many relocations. Suppose there is no lift in the apartment complex.
  • Smaller chance of damage. Moving an antique cupboard through a stairwell is more likely to damage it than moving the same cupboard through the window.
  • It is of course safer to move a piano with a lift because of this. the weight, as a mover can become fatigued after several floors and slip.
  • Depending on the floor you occupy, it can sometimes be cheaper to use a lift

Do you still have any doubts about using a moving lift for your move. Then feel free to request a no-obligation quote.