Moving with storage space

Moving with storage

In addition to moving your household effects, we can also offer you storage space. Since we use ALL Safe, we can offer you storage in several places in the Netherlands. These storage areas vary from 1 m³ to 120 m³ (from lockers to the contents of detached houses). You can also enter your storage box at any time. After the move, we will hand over the code and key so that you can store your belongings in the meantime. Or if you want to take things with you from the storage box, this is certainly possible.

Do you not know how much m³ you need to store your things? That is no further problem. We can always arrange for a specialist to come by without obligation to measure this for you. In some cases, people do it themselves anyway. This is of course your choice. But the mistake that is made is mainly the volume calculation. 18 m³ of furniture does not fit in an 18 m³ storage box. To be sure of your relocation / storage, we can therefore take this worry off your hands.

Stress during relocation

When you move, it is as if you have to arrange a thousand and one things at the same time. You probably already have all kinds of lists of things to do and remember and a list of all those lists! When planning your move with storage, we give you four reasons why using it can lower your stress in that situation.

private relocation with stress
Room clutter

1. Clean up clutter

When you start planning your packing, you will likely realize how many belongings you have. You may have a ton of seasonal items such as camping gear, sports accessories or winter clothing that you may not need for a while. That is why you can opt for moving with storage. This makes it easy to move. Then when you have finished moving, you can safely transfer it back to your new home.

2. Dealing with delays in the move

Ideally, you will hand over the keys to your current home and be the owner or tenant of your new home that same day. This is not always possible. That is why you can decide to temporarily store your household effects in one of the warehouses near you.

Suppose there is a last minute change in the schedule for the moving day, you may need to find temporary accommodation somewhere. Then you don’t want to be stuck with all those boxes! In this case too, storage space offers a solution: You simply keep it in the unit for as long as necessary.

temporary storage of household effects
Temporary storage of household effects

3. Organize your new work environment

A new home is a new beginning. You can move the most important things – beds, wardrobes, living room furniture, etc. – but you may need more time to accommodate everything in your new living environment. Keeping all the other stuff in a storage unit will help you unpack the boxes at your leisure and keep your home from cluttering up with things you might want to give away or sell.

Or maybe there is some work to be done on your new home (painting, wallpapering, laying the floor), then it is much easier to do that if furniture and the like are not getting in the way all over the place. You can extract the essentials and store the rest until you are ready to put everything in place.

4. If you move abroad

If you emigrate but plan to eventually return to the Netherlands, you can keep your belongings in a storage unit for as long as you want. If you decide to settle permanently in the new country, you can easily have the contents of the storage unit transferred to your new home.

Are you curious if there is a storage box near you? Below is an overview of where the storage boxes are located.

moving abroad