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What does the wrapping service offer?2021-05-08T18:58:37+00:00

In addition to our many other services, we also have the packing service. This can be a packing service for your entire household effects or part of your household effects. Large furniture is always packed by the movers on the day of the move. This is a standard service provided by the moving company to ensure the quality of your furniture. If you actually want to have everything packed such as: crockery, clothing, photo frames / paintings, contents of cabinets, etc., we propose to send a specialist to see with you which items need to be packed / moved and the amount we will need packaging materials to be able to achieve this.

Packing service verhuisbedrijf 365
Is a fixed price possible?2021-05-08T18:58:14+00:00

A fixed price is an option that we can also offer you. Here, however, the customer must provide sufficient information so that we can draw up a quotation based on your information. We also always propose to send a specialist along to avoid confusion about the service we offer you. Naturally, we try to prepare quotations in such a realistic manner that they rarely need to be deviated from. Reasons for a deviation can be, for example, if calamities occur, such as too little parking space, traffic jams or the customer indicates that more must be done than was agreed. If this causes a delay, we will only charge the costs of the movers. This also applies to a fixed price. If no calamities occur, the amount stated in the quotation is the price of the move.

Fixed price relocation
Do you also have other services that tie in with a relocation?2021-05-08T18:57:44+00:00

Of course we offer various services. In addition to private & amp; We provide various services for business relocations, such as: evictions, dumping, packing service (full or partial), moving lift, transports and storage space. Click HERE to take a closer look at the services of Verhuisbedrijf 365.

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Can you also store household effects?2021-05-08T18:56:27+00:00

Yes, verhuisbedrijf 365 also offers you that service! For example, if there is no smooth overlap in the sale of your old home with your new home, we can store your furniture / household effects for both short and long term. We can offer you storage boxes from 1 m³ to 120 m³. You always have access to your own box as long as your furniture is in the storage box. Our storage boxes are located throughout the Netherlands.

Temporary storage of household effects
Are we a recognized moving company?2021-05-08T18:55:48+00:00

Verhuisbedrijf 365 has chosen NOT to join the sector organization Recognized Movers. What does that mean for you, compared to a recognized moving company?

  • Just like a recognized removal company, we are insured against damage.
  • Just like a recognized removal company, the movers are trained to perform removals efficiently and without damage.
  • Our movers are provided with a customer-friendliness training
  • Just like a recognized moving company, we have clear terms and conditions of employment that speak for themselves.
  • Our movers are provided with a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)

A VOG is a statement showing that your (judicial) past does not constitute an objection to fulfilling a specific task or function in society. When assessing a VOG application, the Ministry of Justice will check whether you have any criminal offenses in your name that pose a risk to the position or purpose for which you are applying for the VOG. Some criminal offenses constitute an objection to one job or internship, but not to another. A speeding offense can be important, for example, if an applicant wants to become a taxi driver, but not for the position of desk clerk at a bank. Do you not have a criminal record, or have you not committed any criminal offenses that are relevant to the purpose of the application? Then you will receive a VOG.

Because verhuisbedrijf 365 facilitates the courses and training itself and has no costs for third parties, we can offer you the best price-quality ratio.

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Are we insured against damage?2021-05-08T18:54:43+00:00

Yes! We are insured against damage. Our general terms and conditions state that the customer has an excess of € 450. This does not mean that if damage occurs by a mover that you must pay the amount up to 450, – at all times. If a mover actually damages a piece of furniture, we always have the option to call in a furniture maker / handyman. If the furniture maker / handyman cannot achieve this and is not the desired result in your eyes, we will of course reimburse this.

When is there a deductible or no reimbursement?

  • The customer helps with the move and causes damage himself.
  • The items that have to be moved are not packed in a transport-worthy way. (So ​​not if the mover lifts a box and the bottom of the box sags because of the weight, for example)
  • If there is any existing damage.
  • What does existing damage mean?

If the customer indicates that one of his furniture pieces has been damaged. But this damage has already been established by the mover before the move by means of a photo or verbally reporting the damage to the customer. To avoid disappointment, the movers always first walk through the house with the customer to discuss possible damage.

The verhuisbedrijf 365 is simply well insured against damage. Naturally, the conditions regarding packing and making ready for removal must be maintained. Unless you want a full packing service from our moving company.

Relocation damage insurance
What does a relocation cost?2021-05-08T18:31:46+00:00

There is a lot to consider when moving. That is why it is actually not possible to tell you how much your move will cost. If you fill this in as completely as possible with a request for quotation, we can make a realistic estimate of your move. It depends on many factors, such as the surface area of your home, the amount of stuff, the travel distance and whether there is enough parking available for the moving vans. When you make an appointment with us for a non-binding viewing, we can then tell you exactly what the costs will be of your move. Do you want a fixed price for your move? Then you can indicate this in your quotation request or possibly with the specialist who will view your home.

Relocation costs at verhuisbedrijf 365
When do I have to report my relocation?2021-05-08T18:27:18+00:00

Preferably as soon as possible. If you do not yet have a fixed date regarding your move, we can always respond to this. If it concerns an urgent move that must take place the same or the next day, we will always contact you by telephone to see what the options are.

How soon can I move?
Are the moving boxes rent or buy?2021-05-08T18:26:08+00:00

That is entirely up to you. If you want to rent the moving boxes, we will pick up the moving boxes approximately 4 weeks after your move. If a few boxes were killed during the move, that is no further problem. In this case, you do not have to reimburse the moving box immediately. In some cases we make exceptions. If you move so far that it is not profitable for us to collect the boxes, we offer the rental boxes at a purchase price.

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