Coordinated business relocation

Time is money. We understand this and are happy to take your business relocation off your hands.

A business relocation can be stressful and requires good planning and coordination. As a professional moving company, we are happy to take these concerns off your hands. We think along with you and at Verhuisbedrijf 365 a business move is possible during the week as well as during the weekend and even in the evenings. Since we are available at any time, there is as little delay as possible within the activities of your company. You have come to the right place for a professional, smooth and coordinated move.

Business relocations
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Office and project relocations

By project relocations we mean the relocation of offices, companies, factories, organizations and institutions.
An office / project relocation is characterized by the aim to minimize disruption to the normal activities of the client.

Only perfect coordination beforehand can lead to a high degree of efficiency before, during and after the move.

Movers with craftsmanship

All movers from moving company 365 are true professionals. They have followed professional internal training at removal company 365. During this training, the movers learn everything about communication, physical strain and practical skills. In this 4-day course, the movers have unique qualities to take care of all aspects of the move to the full satisfaction of their customers.

We are therefore convinced that they can ensure the successful completion of your move.

Professional mover verhuisbedrijf 365

Total approach to corporate relocation

For regular business relocation projects, we work out a long-term formula and propose a framework contract. In this way you are not only sure of the best conditions and prices, but your relocation projects also run smoothly and quietly with minimal interruption to your activities. Curious about what your company relocation will cost? Request a no-obligation quote on our website.

  • Relocation of office furniture, files, archives, IT equipment, drink vending machines.

  • Discuss safety risks with your prevention advisor.

  • Numbering and labeling of parts.

  • Disassembling and assembling office furniture.

  • Cleaning up abandoned offices.

  • Equipped with waste containers.